Saturday, 16 September 2017

Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony in Phuket

When Sean contacted me months ago with his dream idea to surprise his wife Wendy with a vow renewal ceremony in Phuket I couldn't wait to make it happen.

As far as Wendy knew she was on holiday for a week but 3 days before they were due to return to Australia, they set off for dinner as usual but the taxi took a detour and stopped off at the beach, When I approached them Wendy looked so shocked when I introduced myself to Sean so I had to let her in on the secret, she was here, at the beach because her super romantic husband had arranged their ceremony.

After the initial introduction, I presented them both with a traditional Thai garland and we walked to the seashore and began the ceremony, it was just us, Ton the photographer and the waves.  The beach was deserted so we had the place to ourselves.

They represented their rings and repeated their marriage vows, I then stepped away for Sean to say some personal vows that he had written for Wendy.  Luckily I always carry tissues in my bag as there were a few tears from both - it was so beautiful and so romantic.  

Sean and Wendy have been married for 23 years so I wish them all the best for another 23 xx

Thank you Ton from Kataphoto for the great photos, I have known Ton since he was young so it's lovely to see him flourish as a photographer.

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