Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Love Has No Boundaries Here in Phuket

Another Gay Wedding on The Shores Of Phuket

Curtis and Karta came all the way from America and along with their family and friends, they had a Buddhist blessing from the monks followed by a western wedding ceremony to seal their marriage and commitment to each other.

There was so much raw emotion that day, that I think at some point we all had a tear in our eyes!
The wedding was planned and organised by Ilaire at Wedding Boutique Phuket, I love Ilaire's style so it's always such a pleasure to work as the celebrant at her weddings so thanks you so much Ilaire for the opportunity and of course the ever talented Uncle Tuk for capturing such lovely photos x

For me, gay/same sex marriages in Phuket are no different to any other wedding I perform, it's the same format, same readings, same ring exchange and same first kiss.  I feel so privileged be part of such a special day for so many couples, it just makes me so happy to perform a ceremony on such a special day for them x

I love having a selfie and group kiss!

It's not just about performing the ceremony, here was that special emotional moment when they first saw the reading I had chosen for them for the first time, tears all around! 

Wedding By Ilaire Wedding Boutique Phuket

Photos by Tuk  Kataloverphoto

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