Thursday, 16 March 2017

My First Gay Wedding in Thailand 

 Last month I had the pleasure of arranging a rustic beach wedding ceremony for this handsome couple from South Africa.

They wanted a gay wedding in Phuket and on a budget, so with Thailand being an amazing open minded wedding destination, it was easy to create their dream wedding day. Although same sex marriages in Thailand are not yet legally recognised here its an ideal place to declare your love for each other.

The day began with a trip to Patong Temple where they had a Buddhist wedding blessing by the monks, their friends and family accompanied them and were all involved in the ceremony by tying string bracelets to the boys to wish them good luck and fortune for their future together 

Mum Tying their head strings
Water Blessing
Friends and family wished them good luck by tying string bracelets on them

Afterwards,their western beach ceremony took place on Patong beach while the sun was setting.

Their Mums walked the beach ceremony

Placing the flower garlands on their future son in l
   I created a heart shape in the sand with blue, purple and white orchids, both the boys had beautiful flower garlands which were handed to them by each others mum, symbolising them giving them away to each other. 

After saying their vows to one another they had a sand pouring ceremony, it was such a lovely day and a day I will always remember. 

If you would like a wedding just like this please get in touch, Thailand really is a wonderful place to have your wedding and declare your love for each other.

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