Monday, 6 March 2017

Hand Fasting - Tying The Knot in Thailand - Phuket Weddings

We've all used the saying Tying The Knot when referring to people getting married but it really is something that actually happened.

Hundreds of years ago when a couple wanted to be married, they would be tied together by the head of the village and had to stay that way for a year and a day, if after that time they were still happy together then they were deemed fit to be married. Fortunately we do not have to abide by such rituals these days but the age old tradition is fast becoming really popular with modern day weddings, especially in the non religious style ceremonies in Phuket which I offer.

Hand fasting for marriages in Phuket is a service unique to me, and its such a lovely way to add something quite beautiful to your wedding ceremony. I personally make the hand fasting cords to compliment your wedding day theme and before you pledge your personal vows to one another I bind your hands together with the cords, making it a really precious meaningful moment to you both. 

The hand fasting cords are then yours to keep as a wonderful momentum and constant memory of your wedding in Thailand.

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