Friday, 16 December 2016

Beautiful Beach Wedding for Two in Paradise

This was a stunning and beautiful intimate wedding for a couple from Florida, it was just the two of them who came here to Phuket to have a beach wedding ceremony. 

 As with many western weddings here, its always nice to add some Thai culture and have the local Monks to attend the ceremony to bless your wedding.

I narated  throughout the Thai ceremony so Nadine and Ryan fully understood what was happening, for example when the Monks marked their foreheads with white dots, this was to symbolise love, life and a good fortune, resulting from the right living.

 A Water Blessing followed the Monks Blessing, this is where guests at the wedding or anyone in attendance are invited to pour Holy Water from a small bottle or seashell in to a bronze bowl, while doing so, the water pourer should think of a personal good luck wish for the couple. 

The hand cleansing with the Holy Water represents a purification of the relationship. The Monk may then give a final water blessing with a small splash of Holy Water onto the couple.

The day was concluded with a stunning private dinner for two but not before a special guest arrived for some fun - Bua the baby elephant was just adorable, I wanted to take her home! She was so well behaved and loved posing for pictures with the happy couple.

Congratulations to Nadine and Ryan 

Thank you so much to Ilaire at Wedding Boutique Phuket WeddingBoutiquePhuket for inviting me to be Celebrant at this beautiful beach wedding, Ilaire delivers such stunning weddings which look amazing, along with Kataloverfoto Kataloverfoto for super pictures. 

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  1. This looks absolutely amazing and romantic
    What a beautiful way of committing to one
    Another in such a special way superb.