Sunday, 15 May 2016

Pop Up Weddings......  

Pop up weddings are so On Trend right now and are becoming quite popular in the UK. Gone are the days where the bride's family paid for the whole shebang, now its either down to both families sharing the cost or the couple alone forking out for their big day and with the ever increasing demand on finances, couples young and old are struggling to find the time and money to pay for a big lavish event.

This is where the pop up wedding comes in - you still get your dream wedding day but at a fraction of the cost! 

This is how it works...

The wedding planner will decide on a venue - it's fashionable to use somewhere quirky or off the wall, after all your wedding day is not going to be the traditional church day that your grandma had so why not go all out to make it completely different. So then the date is set followed by the theme. My pop up day is going to be a vintage wedding theme as that's the style I love and has so many options.
Once these two have been actioned, its all about the marketing and getting couples to book a time slot on your day, pop up weddings are not really ideal for big parties as it's only a two hour time slot per wedding so trying to get a large party seated and ready to go eats into the two hours leaving less time for the ceremony itself.  That's it to pre planning a pop up wedding day, the key is to getting the day filled with happy couples!

On the day - pop up days really only concentrate on the wedding ceremony, the pre wedding arrangements are down to you so things like hair and makeup, wedding attire and your transport to the venue are all your choice and how much you want to spend, pop up weddings are usually for people on a budget or who may be eloping to do it in secret so its no big deal if you turn up in your own car or local taxi applying your lippy and mascara along the way.

The cost of the pop up day will include a photographer so you will need to be at the venue at least an hour before your allotted time to have some piccies done and to be ready to go so as not to hold up the next couple. A celebrant will conduct your ceremony and will have met with you long before the day to have pre written your script so you should be good to go as soon as your time arrives. Although the theme to the day will be the same for all the couples your marriage ceremony will be unique to you as you will have your own choice of music to arrive to, personal ceremony script with readings from friends or family if they are in attendance and any special elements you wish to include into your day for example hand fasting or a unity sand ceremony so the two hours you have booked is all yours and personal to you.  
After the ceremony you will be led to another area where you will have more pictures along with champagne or drink of your choice and a cake cutting. If the venue has hospitality facilities maybe you will want to incorporate your reception into the wedding venue, alternatively its up to you what you do after for a wedding reception or maybe you just run straight off to the airport to jet off to a romantic holiday.

I think Pop Up Weddings are a great idea and make for a fun and exciting day without breaking the bank leaving you that extra money to spend on an amazing honeymoon or to put towards the ever increasing price of a house. Either way it will be a fabulous day with everyone talking about your very different but amazing day! 

Watch this space for the date of my first pop up wedding in Surrey!

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