Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Middle East Meets South East

Cultural Fusion for a stunning couple from the Middle East who chose Phuket for the Private Wedding Ceremony.

I couldn't have been more delighted when I was asked to arrange the private wedding of Sahar and Ahmed whilst they were on holiday here in Phuket. We met and within 3 days their dream wedding had been arranged. Set in the garden of a private villa in Rawai, the all female team created a stunning fusion of Middle Eastern and South East Asian decor to bring the two countries together, it really did look amazing, we used Moroccan lanterns, thai orchids and of course the colour coded pineapples which appear at all of my weddings were very much on show.

I had a day out with Sahar before the wedding to choose her dress, she wanted a western style dress and the reason for the privacy of the wedding was so that she could be without her hijab for the ceremony so again we had an all female wedding dress team.  On the day the female makeup artist created the look which Sahar had requested while the girls worked their magic in the garden creating the beautiful ceremony set up. We had a female photographer and video team too who were capturing every moment throughout the day.

When the time arrived for the ceremony, Ahmed and I watched as his stunning bride made her appearance with a walk from the rooftop on the villa along the stairways decorated so pretty with hanging orchids with a backdrop of Arabian music, I almost felt like I was back in the Middle East myself. The ceremony was a western style with my signature sand pouring, we chose bright colours for the sand to contrast the natural colours of the set up and to add some more  Middle Eastern zest to the day..  After exchanging rings and vows we had a really cool photoshoot followed by a private dinner for 2 in the villa.  I had such an amazing day and the pictures are fantastic but due to modesty I can only share with you just some of them. the most important people that have them for a life time are Sahar and Ahmed

Special thanks to my girl power team that day, Makeup artist Jam and photography team from Kataweddings. xx

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Elope to Phuket for your Beach Wedding

Laura and Robert came to Phuket to have their romantic beach wedding on the shores of Surin Beach.

The couple had been travelling around South East Asia and decided to end their travels with a wedding on the beach.  On the actual wedding day it was raining but at 4pm when we arrived to set up the clouds cleared and the sun came out making it the perfect setting for the wedding. 

They arrived with a romantic walk along the beach from their hotel room to be met by me with Robert's flower garland, we then proceeded with their ceremony where they had a sand pouring ritual.


 The sky and sunset were absolutely stunning that the team just kept shooting in to the evening to capture these amazing pictures.

Thank you to Tuk and Ton from Kataphoto for capturing these amazing photos and for The Surin Hotel for the use of the beach and most of all to Laura and Robert for being so lovely and beautifully photogenic xx

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony in Phuket

When Sean contacted me months ago with his dream idea to surprise his wife Wendy with a vow renewal ceremony in Phuket I couldn't wait to make it happen.

As far as Wendy knew she was on holiday for a week but 3 days before they were due to return to Australia, they set off for dinner as usual but the taxi took a detour and stopped off at the beach, When I approached them Wendy looked so shocked when I introduced myself to Sean so I had to let her in on the secret, she was here, at the beach because her super romantic husband had arranged their ceremony.

After the initial introduction, I presented them both with a traditional Thai garland and we walked to the seashore and began the ceremony, it was just us, Ton the photographer and the waves.  The beach was deserted so we had the place to ourselves.

They represented their rings and repeated their marriage vows, I then stepped away for Sean to say some personal vows that he had written for Wendy.  Luckily I always carry tissues in my bag as there were a few tears from both - it was so beautiful and so romantic.  

Sean and Wendy have been married for 23 years so I wish them all the best for another 23 xx

Thank you Ton from Kataphoto for the great photos, I have known Ton since he was young so it's lovely to see him flourish as a photographer.