Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Love Has No Boundaries Here in Phuket

Another Gay Wedding on The Shores Of Phuket

Curtis and Karta came all the way from America and along with their family and friends, they had a Buddhist blessing from the monks followed by a western wedding ceremony to seal their marriage and commitment to each other.

There was so much raw emotion that day, that I think at some point we all had a tear in our eyes!
The wedding was planned and organised by Ilaire at Wedding Boutique Phuket, I love Ilaire's style so it's always such a pleasure to work as the celebrant at her weddings so thanks you so much Ilaire for the opportunity and of course the ever talented Uncle Tuk for capturing such lovely photos x

For me, gay/same sex marriages in Phuket are no different to any other wedding I perform, it's the same format, same readings, same ring exchange and same first kiss.  I feel so privileged be part of such a special day for so many couples, it just makes me so happy to perform a ceremony on such a special day for them x

I love having a selfie and group kiss!

It's not just about performing the ceremony, here was that special emotional moment when they first saw the reading I had chosen for them for the first time, tears all around! 

Wedding By Ilaire Wedding Boutique Phuket

Photos by Tuk  Kataloverphoto

Thursday, 16 March 2017

My First Gay Wedding in Thailand 

 Last month I had the pleasure of arranging a rustic beach wedding ceremony for this handsome couple from South Africa.

They wanted a gay wedding in Phuket and on a budget, so with Thailand being an amazing open minded wedding destination, it was easy to create their dream wedding day. Although same sex marriages in Thailand are not yet legally recognised here its an ideal place to declare your love for each other.

The day began with a trip to Patong Temple where they had a Buddhist wedding blessing by the monks, their friends and family accompanied them and were all involved in the ceremony by tying string bracelets to the boys to wish them good luck and fortune for their future together 

Mum Tying their head strings
Water Blessing
Friends and family wished them good luck by tying string bracelets on them

Afterwards,their western beach ceremony took place on Patong beach while the sun was setting.

Their Mums walked the beach ceremony

Placing the flower garlands on their future son in l
   I created a heart shape in the sand with blue, purple and white orchids, both the boys had beautiful flower garlands which were handed to them by each others mum, symbolising them giving them away to each other. 

After saying their vows to one another they had a sand pouring ceremony, it was such a lovely day and a day I will always remember. 

If you would like a wedding just like this please get in touch, Thailand really is a wonderful place to have your wedding and declare your love for each other.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Hand Fasting - Tying The Knot in Thailand - Phuket Weddings

We've all used the saying Tying The Knot when referring to people getting married but it really is something that actually happened.

Hundreds of years ago when a couple wanted to be married, they would be tied together by the head of the village and had to stay that way for a year and a day, if after that time they were still happy together then they were deemed fit to be married. Fortunately we do not have to abide by such rituals these days but the age old tradition is fast becoming really popular with modern day weddings, especially in the non religious style ceremonies in Phuket which I offer.

Hand fasting for marriages in Phuket is a service unique to me, and its such a lovely way to add something quite beautiful to your wedding ceremony. I personally make the hand fasting cords to compliment your wedding day theme and before you pledge your personal vows to one another I bind your hands together with the cords, making it a really precious meaningful moment to you both. 

The hand fasting cords are then yours to keep as a wonderful momentum and constant memory of your wedding in Thailand.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Beautiful Beach Wedding for Two in Paradise

This was a stunning and beautiful intimate wedding for a couple from Florida, it was just the two of them who came here to Phuket to have a beach wedding ceremony. 

 As with many western weddings here, its always nice to add some Thai culture and have the local Monks to attend the ceremony to bless your wedding.

I narated  throughout the Thai ceremony so Nadine and Ryan fully understood what was happening, for example when the Monks marked their foreheads with white dots, this was to symbolise love, life and a good fortune, resulting from the right living.

 A Water Blessing followed the Monks Blessing, this is where guests at the wedding or anyone in attendance are invited to pour Holy Water from a small bottle or seashell in to a bronze bowl, while doing so, the water pourer should think of a personal good luck wish for the couple. 

The hand cleansing with the Holy Water represents a purification of the relationship. The Monk may then give a final water blessing with a small splash of Holy Water onto the couple.

The day was concluded with a stunning private dinner for two but not before a special guest arrived for some fun - Bua the baby elephant was just adorable, I wanted to take her home! She was so well behaved and loved posing for pictures with the happy couple.

Congratulations to Nadine and Ryan 

Thank you so much to Ilaire at Wedding Boutique Phuket WeddingBoutiquePhuket for inviting me to be Celebrant at this beautiful beach wedding, Ilaire delivers such stunning weddings which look amazing, along with Kataloverfoto Kataloverfoto for super pictures. 

Monday, 12 December 2016

Sand Pouring

Sand pouring is really popular with weddings here in Thailand. The abundance of white sandy beaches make it an ideal place for your tropical beach wedding.

As the two glasses of sand are poured into the third glass, the individual glasses of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one.

One glass represents the groom, all that he was, all that he is and all that he will ever be, and the other representing the bride, all that she was all that she is, and all that she will ever be.

Just as the grains of sand can never be separated and poured again in to their individual glasses, this represents the future of your marriage, you are now one and will not live again as separate people.

Here are some pictures of a sand pouring set I made for a beautiful beach wedding last week.

I coordinated it with the colour scheme which was sea foam green and the theme was seashells so it all looked amazing.

The end result looked lovely and the bride and groom were able to keep it as a momentum of their day. 

More pics to follow of this wonderful wedding........

This was a beautiful beach wedding created by the ever talented Sarah at Siam Weddings - thank you Sarah for having me as the Celebrant x

Siam Weddings